New installment loans

New installment loans

A disorder table with certain conditions as default values is assigned to a product through the product category Installment Loans (360). By using this function it is possible to process assigned condition or produce brand new conditions.

It is possible to just make use of this function for loans which can be on the basis of the product category Installment Loans (360).


You have got defined a minumum of one product when you look at the system.

To learn more, see item.

You’ve got defined a minumum of one condition dining table into the system.

To find out more, see Condition Table.

You have got assigned an ailment dining dining table towards the item.

You have got finished the following in Customizing for Loans Management:

Within the IMG activity Control Condition Verification, you have got determined which predefined condition checks the device executes for this product type.

In the commercial Add-In BAdI: Customer-Specific Condition Checks, it is possible to determine custom checks for conditions.

Scope of Functions

The device shows all problems which are legitimate for the installment loan in a synopsis. You are able to process these conditions. The system displays the symbol in the Status column if you change conditions that the system has created based on the product or from business operations. It is possible to show the modifications to your standard symptom within the fast information.

Modifications which you make to conditions for the loan are merely valid because of this loan. You need to replace the product or assigned condition dining dining table to produce changes that are general conditions.

Changes that you make with this specific function constantly overwrite the settings from the condition dining dining table.

The plausibility is checked by the system for the conditions. Communications are presented within the message screen. It is possible to phone the illness screen by choosing the industry which is why the system has reported a mistake message and selecting ( Detail Exists ). Читать далее